It's Time To Protect Religious Freedom

South Carolina could be one step closer to protecting a biblical worldview in Christian counseling — a major step against local government overreach. Last June, Columbia City Council voted 4-3 to prohibit professional therapists from offering sexual orientation therapy that does not affirm LGBTQ preferences.

In response, Senate leadership pushed forward on bill S. 811 to protect rights of conscience for medical and counseling providers. The full Senate Medical Affairs committee is set to vote on that bill Thursday morning, and senators on that committee need to know where you stand.

Today, Attorney General Alan Wilson released his opinion on the ordinance passed by the Columbia City Council, reinforcing the position that the city went beyond its legal bounds.

Please reach out to the members of the Senate Medical Affairs Committee and tell them that you believe healthcare workers and Christian counselors should not have to choose between their faith and a paycheck.

Let them know that, while we love all people, we are willing to stand firm on the Word of God as our strong foundation, and that pastors, nurses, doctors, and counselors should be able to practice their faith without reservation.

Here is the list of the emails and phone numbers of members of the full SC Senate Medical Affairs Committee:

Danny Verdin (803) 212-6250
Brad Hutto (803) 212-6140
John L. Scott Jr (803) 212-6124
Tom Davis (803) 212-6080
Tom Corbin (803) 212-6100
Margie Bright Matthews (803) 212-6008
Sandy Senn (803) 212-6116
Mia McLeod (803) 212-6016
Billy Garrett (803) 212-6032
Harvey Peeler (803) 212-6430
Shane Martin (803) 212-6420
Thomas Alexander (803) 212-6220
Kevin Johnson (803) 212-6056
Marlon Kimpson (803) 212-6132
Michael Gambrell (803) 212-6032
Richard Cash (803) 212-6124
Dwight Loftis (803) 212-6100

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Bret Heringer - May 9th, 2022 at 8:00am

Hello, I’m Bret Heringer and I’m a true born again Christian who stands firm on what the Bible says. We need to protect our freedom from the liberals who suppress the truth. Yes, I care about people and their souls but, the LGBTQ lifestyle is an abomination. God instituted marriage only between a man and a woman. My brothers and sisters in Christ have the God given right to speak up what the Bible says. We all in America have freedom of speech and the liberals have no right or authority to take that away from us. I need you to see that professionals who are Christians should not have to choose between their true Christian faith and a paycheck. Please consider this, thank you.