Basic Biology Stands Trial

The liberal left is at it again! This time in the way of allowing children to choose the gender that they feel most comfortable with. And this doesn’t stand alone! The forces surrounding children today that add to their confusion like social media, educational sources, and a chaotic culture at large are aiding and abetting in the dysphoria that some of our most vulnerable are struggling with.

Transgenderism isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s not a “dog whistle” that conservatives are now using to win elections. What is new is the concerted push by our federal government, big tech, and the sexual revolutionaries to thrust warped practices on children and families.

As the S.C. Senate Medical Affairs committee debates S.627, a bill that would prohibit gender transition surgeries and treatments for minors under the age of 18, you may be hearing the term “gender-affirming care” from the woke sexual revolutionaries. They say that gender-affirming care is critical to the health and well-being of children.

Let’s be clear about the truth of “gender-affirming care”. It is the cleverly worded means by which these sexual revolutionaries have taken their fight inside our schools, libraries and daycares.

According to the Office of Population Affairs, early gender-affirming care is “crucial to the overall health and well-being of transgender and nonbinary children.” [1]

So what is gender-affirming care?

Within the culture, we see two types: Social and medical gender-affirming care. “Social transitioning” is quite common today. Children and teenagers will notify teachers and friends that they now go by a different set of preferred pronouns and the clothing will change to match the individual’s own self-image.

Medical gender-affirming care has two avenues. As noted in Daily Wire’s What Is A Woman? [2] Documentary, the use of hormone treatment, or puberty blockers, is quite common in minors across the country.
The most commonly used drug in this treatment, Lupron, is the same drug given to chemically castrate sexual predators who have a high probability of reoffending.

Lastly, and possibly the most gruesome method is surgical gender-affirming care. We’ve discussed the idea of “top” and “bottom” surgeries on The Palmetto Family Matters Show before. Those in power, including President Joe Biden, believe it is sinful if a state like South Carolina does not allow for the mutilation of a minor’s breasts and/or genitals.

If you’ve followed S.627 at all, you’ve heard that this is a bill of no consequence because the liberal left claims that no medical transitions (whether chemical or surgical) take place in South Carolina.

That is a lie.

Just last year, it was reported in a journal from the Medical University of South Carolina that their “Pediatric Transgender Endocrinology Treatment” lab had treated patients as young as four years-old. [3] That clinic has since been closed amidst public pressure.

South Carolina must join the 10 other states who’ve already banned this insidious practice that destroys the lives of the most vulnerable among us. Children are a gift from God. They, like the rest of us, are made in His image. At Palmetto Family we will continue to reaffirm the fact that as image bearers of our Creator, we must shine His light and love into our state and you can count us to stand firmly with you as you raise your family in the Palmetto State.


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Karen Faircloth - April 7th, 2023 at 8:45am

Thank you for fighting for our children and our families. Our country has gone crazy. I wish that you could put out the word that parents need to check their children's libraries and all after school activities. We need to be on guard to protect our children.