A Post-Roe South Carolina

The House of Representatives’ specially called Ad Hoc Committee has recommended the passage of the Human Life Protection Act, which will save the unborn in South Carolina and preserve the life of women in our state.

This historic bill will be considered by the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, August 16th.

We need you to call the following representatives and tell them: "Pass the Human Life Protection Act out of committee with no amendments and let it be debated on the House floor."
Members of the House Judiciary Committee
Chris Murphy 803-734-3120
Neal Collins 803-212-6913
Justin Bamberg 803-212-6907
Bruce Bryant 803-212-6888
West Cox 803-212-6931
Jason Elliott 803-212-6877
Patricia Henegan 803-212-6896
Jeffrey Johnson 803-212-6946
John McCravy 803-212-6939
Travis Moore 803-212-6893
Weston Newton 803-212-6810
Ivory Thigpen 803-212-6794
William Wheeler 803-212-6958
John King 803-212-6873
William Bailey 803-212-6918
Beth Bernstein 803-212-6940
Micah Caskey 803-212-6959
Sylleste Davis 803-212-6930
Russell Fry 803-212-6781
Max Hyde 803-212-6790
Jay Jordan 803-734-3114
Cezar McKnight 803-212-6926
Brandon Newton 803-212-6874
Seth Rose 803-212-6971
Spencer Wetmore 803-212-6872

A specially-called committee of the SC House is starting work on new pro-life legislation for South Carolina after the overturning of Roe v. Wade. On Wednesday, this committee will hold its first public testimony hearing starting at 12:00 pm.

We need you to reach out to members of the committee, letting them know that you support them and, most importantly, that you stand for life. Tell them that we need to create the best piece of legislation that protects human life and still provides a level of dignity for moms, for families, and for children.

Hundreds of people are expected to be at the State House on both sides of the debate. If you are interested in testifying before the committee with your pro-life story, only the first 100 people will be allowed into the building to testify. Doors will open at 11:00 am. Lines to enter the building will be long.

After receiving the final decision from the Supreme Court in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health case, the SC House of Representatives is ready to tackle abortion in South Carolina.

The Ad-Hoc Committee is set to hold their first hearing on Thursday, July 7th at noon. There will be an opportunity to give public testimony.

Speaker Murrell Smith has organized an Ad Hoc Committee that will "study and receive public testimony on the impact of this matter in South Carolina."

With this study and testimony, the committee will consider language that will be included in H.5399. We will be tracking this legislation as the Sine Die session begins in a few weeks.

The General Assembly included permission to introduce and consider legislation in response to the Dobbs case in the Sine Die Resolution that was adopted by the House and the Senate.

As the committee begins their work, begin praying for the members of this Ad Hoc Committee as they will play an integral role in the after-Roe future of South Carolina.