On Behalf of the One, True King
August 18th, 2023
By: Mitch Prosser, Interim President Palmetto Family CouncilIn a world that demands self-censorship of any person or people group that disagrees with the cultural norm, the Christian may wonder what their proper place is in this foreign land.•What can I say without being “cancelled”?•How can say what I believe in a world filled with contradictory “truths”?•How can I speak and live in a way that wi...
Faithfulness In Tough Times
August 11th, 2023
As we survey the landscape of the world around us, sometimes we may feel that there are more questions than answers. We may feel as if we are alone in our convictions, abandoned by those that once stood the moral high-ground with us, or surrounded by a vicious enemy that wants to dismantle our faith and rip our families limb from limb. Thoughts of fear, anxiety, and depression can plague the heart...
Heaven's Ambassadors In Tough Times
August 4th, 2023
Living Faithfully in Tough Times is difficult. Understanding that our Identity is found as citizens of the God’s Kingdom helps, but there is still a question that remains. “What is our role supposed to be while we are still here on earth?” Many have attempted to answer this question in several ways over the millennia since the ascension of Christ and others have proven different responses to the q...
Living Faithfully In Tough Times
July 28th, 2023
-By Mitch Prosser, Interim President of Palmetto Family Council It takes little convincing to help most Christians walking through life to understand that we are living in tough times. In fact, most Christ-followers regularly feel the frustration and sense the struggle of daily living. Plainly stated, there is a war raging all around us and what we are feeling are the seismic waves reverberating f...
Every Life Is Worth Fighting For
May 5th, 2023
There have been many times, in the middle of the struggle, that the pro-life community has been wounded by the darts that the enemy hurls our way. The lies that the battle is hopeless or that the culture is “too far gone” plague our minds and tear at our souls. Then there’s the slog of the legislative process and the tiring advancement of seeing a bill become law. If you add the political division...

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