Abandoning The Arena

When the righteous abandon the arena, victory is handed to those opposed to our values without any resistance.
Just over a decade ago, I had the opportunity to spend some time with friends of our family in Detroit, Michigan. “Opportunity in Detroit!?” You scoff. Yes, I enjoyed every minute of my time surveying what was once a bustling and vibrant city teeming with excitement. We ate amazing food, watched a Detroit Redwings game (yes, I like hockey), and even crossed the border into Windsor, Ontario Canada.
All the fun was great, but it’s not what left a lifelong impression on me. One afternoon, our host who knew I loved sports and history, took me to Pontiac, Michigan to the Pontiac Silver Dome. Once home to Barry Sanders and the Detroit Lions, this mammoth structure that once boasted over 90,000 people in attendance sat empty. Not just empty, but in ruins.
As I stood in the parking lot next to the stadium with my mouth agape, staring at the dilapidated roof, vine covered walls, and exposed rebar jutting from crumbling concrete. Disbelief, awestruck sadness, and curiosity filled my mind. Because I’m still a kid at heart, I ventured inside.

The floor of the arena was a torn, animal ridden terrain. Many seats were stolen, and those that remained were destroyed. Graffiti dressed the scoreboards and the glass on skyboxes was shattered. The Silver Dome was in a shambles, because it had been neglected and ignored for years.
If you’re still reading, you may be wondering where this is going. When people of faith abandon the arena, we can expect the same results. When we abdicate our God-given role and responsibility in and to society, we shouldn’t be surprised when the culture around us crumbles.
The world around us is crumbling. The Deceiver is wreaking havoc at every turn, and he is tempting believers to wave the white flag of surrender, give up, and abandon the arena. Do not abandon the arena!
I’m reminded of the words in Psalm 11:3, “If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?” I don’t think this a question that goes unanswered. If we give up or give in, the culture will crumble, the world will win, and real people will suffer.
Palmetto Family is committed to standing with you in the arena. Our team is in the fight every day to ensure that the biblical values that you care about are well represented. We are here with you to ensure that our home state is a place where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.
We need you to partner with us in the fight. We need your voice, your expertise, and your resources. Without you speaking into the culture with us, how will those that desperately need the truth hear it? Without you entering the arena, who will stand for our shared values? Without your financial investment, Palmetto Family will not be able to be by your side in the battle.
Consider investing in our work today.

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