Palmetto Family’s Internship Initiative gives South Carolina high school and college students the opportunity to contribute to the important cause of defending  strong family values in the Palmetto State.

The PFII offers participants the opportunity to learn the workings of the South Carolina Statehouse, make career-furthering connections, sharpen writing and  research skills, and make a true difference for the culture of South Carolina as they volunteer for South Carolina’s leading cultural public policy and action  organization.

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Once screened, PFII candidates will need to provide a resume, writing sample and at least two references.

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During my time interning for Palmetto Family Council, I have been able to observe and take part in the invaluable work Palmetto Family is doing for our state. Going into this internship, I considered myself fairly familiar with issues facing our state. However, during my time here, I have been able to gain insight into the real situation in South Carolina and our country. Whether it be through writing a blog post about gambling in South Carolina, or researching statistics on alcohol abuse in the state, I've seen the devastation that certain policies, laws, or lack thereof can bring to families and communities.

Though this is not always a positive and encouraging picture, Palmetto Family works to not only make tangible policy changes in our state, but to help create a better sense of positivity and hope. As a conservative millennial, it is easy to get discouraged about the way my generation is moving, but with Palmetto Family and their allies’ help, young people should feel empowered and able to stand up against the liberal tide. In doing so, we can take part in the work of making South Carolina and the United States a better place to live and raise a family.