Help Not Harm Bill Passes in the S.C. House

Tuesday, February 27th Update:

On Wednesday February 21st, the "Help Not Harm" bill was taken up by the Senate Medical Affairs Subcommittee.

After hours of testimony, the committee voted to send the bill to the full Senate Medical Affairs Committee by a vote of 4-3.

We are thankful for the Senators who voted to protect children from this harmful transgender ideology. Senators Richard Cash, Billy Garrett, Dwight Loftis, and Danny Verdin are voted for a favorable report

H.4624 will prevent the dangerous and lasting effects of the transgender ideology being thrust upon the children of South Carolina through puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and genital mutilation.

It's now time to reach out to the every member of the Senate Medical Affairs Committee and encourage them to send "Help Not Harm" to the Senate floor for a vote!
Thursday, February 8th Update:
On Wednesday, February 14th at 10am you have the opportunity to stand up and be a hero for children.

The “Help Not Harm” bill will be heard in the Senate Medical Affairs Subcommittee and we need Senators to hear your voice.

The subcommittee meeting will take place in Room 308 of the Gressette Building.

Please come at 9am to meet senators and get a seat in the room.

Join Christians and conservatives from across the state to tell them to pass the “Help Not Harm” bill out of committee.

We need as many men and women of courage conviction and faith to be there next Wednesday
After six hours of robust debate in the House of Representatives, the Help Not Harm bill passed in a bipartisan manner 82-23!

This bill will prevent the dangerous and lasting effects of the transgender ideology being thrust upon the children of South Carolina through puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and genital mutilation.

Contact your state representative today and THANK THEM for standing against this radical ideology!

It's Time To Shut Down The Transgenderism Movement

Men and women are fundamentally different from each other and yet complementary to each other. People are born genetically with clear male or female chromosomes and a vast majority with clearly identifiable biological characteristics that indicate male or female. Indeed, sexual identity is written into the DNA of every cell in our bodies. As such, our biological sex is intricately interwoven with how we live in society and relate to others.

As men and women made in the image of God, transgender-identifying individuals deserve our respect, compassion and care as “neighbors” whom we should love as ourselves. As an outflowing of this care for our neighbors, Palmetto Family Council supports public policy that affirms the unique and complementary roles both men and women play in society and for the family. We oppose efforts that would bring further harm — physical, mental, emotional or spiritual — to those struggling with their identity in this way and attempts to “normalize” this behavior in society—especially amongst impressionable children.


However, many transgender-identifying people may not feel they struggle with GD. A man, living as a woman, may deny he has GD and argue he’s perfectly happy as a woman. And some struggling with GD will seek out legal, medical, and cultural ways to live their life as the opposite sex. This is called transitioning.

A person who is transitioning is in the process of trying to change from living as a male to a female or from a female to a male. A person who is transitioning may be content to dress and present as the opposite sex. Yet, some will also start taking hormones or undergo surgeries (to change their bodies), change their name and sex marker on their birth certificate, and be identified solely as the sex they desire.


Our Founding Fathers through our Constitution established protections to promote our God-given rights and immutable characteristics. The protections for all citizens, which are required to appear in all state and federal civil rights statutes include: religion/creed, race and national origin/ancestry. Every state must have these protections for all people by law.

State legislatures cannot take away these protections, but they can add to them. Some that have been added include; sex (as in biological sex at birth), age, physical and mental disability. Neither the Constitution nor federal law provide special protections or rights for people based on their “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.” Despite this, activists seek to either add “sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI)” to the list of protections or have the word “sex” in current statutes interpreted to include SOGI.

These activists are targeting Federal and State legislatures, local governments — and even local school boards.
The math has been done. It has been demonstrated that this movement can save 1 child from the transgender agenda—and a lifetime of regret—for $240.

That's only $20/month.

Will you help us protect one child from a lifetime of regret? If every family “adopted” one child, together we could push back this terrible agenda and give children far more hope and healing than what they find under the needle or the knife.