Human Trafficking In Your Backyard

There is an evil lurking just beneath the surface of our seemingly peaceful lives. An evil so intense and hideous that so many people have questioned whether it truly exists. The grim reality is that the evil of Human Trafficking certainly does exist and sadly we are surrounded by it here in the Palmetto State.
We’ve all seen blockbuster hits like Taken. It’s an action-packed thriller where (spoiler alert) the good guy’s daughter is abducted and trafficked in a far-off land, and he thrusts himself into harm’s way to rescue her from the evil men who have done this to her. Or last summer’s eye-opening film from Angel Studios, The Sound of Freedom, which pulls the veil back on what human trafficking looks like in South America. Movies have been made and books have been written (I recommend Charles Martin) and you’ve probably been made aware of what human trafficking looks like in Europe and South America. But the evil of human trafficking is happening right here in in South Carolina.
Sadly, some families have chosen to exploit the most vulnerable among them “in order to pay the bills.” Young men and women who think they are getting involved in a legitimate work program end up trafficked to the highest bidder for labor or sex. Even worse, many of the victims feel a shame and stigma of what they’ve been forced to do and are afraid or embarrassed to cry out for help.
Can you imagine what would happen if the millions of people of faith in South Carolina rallied around protecting our neighbors from human trafficking Right in our Backyard? We understand that once you know what the issues are and what you can do about them, you jump into action. That’s why we are working with a film company to produce a feature length documentary to help you understand what it looks like and what you can do to combat this evil.
In this documentary, Right in our Backyard, we’ll tell you stories of real-life survivors and overcomers of human trafficking and let you hear from heroes on the front lines saving women and children from this lurking evil.
We would love for you to partner with Palmetto Family and other allies around the state to bring awareness of human trafficking to as many South Carolinians as possible. When you go to the invest page of our website, you can click on the “Stop Human Trafficking” fund to make sure your investment helps us protect our neighbors from this evil in our backyards.

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