The Marijuana Air Campaign

Before the ground assault occurs, the air campaign ravages resolve and weakens the will.
An effective strategy to invade unoccupied territory must be multi-pronged and multifaceted. Multipronged in that it takes advantage of different means of delivery of tactical resources to obtain the advantage both physically and mentally. Multifaceted by using diverse approaches aimed at different groups to achieve the desired outcome.
The same strategy is often implemented when it comes to ideas or messaging. Today, South Carolina is being attacked by the Marijuana Industrial Complex inside the Statehouse (via medicinal use of marijuana) and through the air using the mail to deliver illegal products to your neighbors.
You may have received mail in recent days from Mood or other recreational marijuana companies to offer their THC laced edibles, vape products, rolls, and even rice crispy treats. Some of you might be wondering, “How is this legal!?” The short answer is, IT’S NOT! But the Marijuana Industrial Complex doesn’t care.
Medicinal use of Marijuana is the first step in making this illegal drug readily available across our state. Your back yard will have dispensaries able to grow and distribute Marijuana and THC laced products to those who have been given a prescription to acquire them.
As we’ve seen in states like Colorado, Massachusetts, and California, with the best of intentions a state starts with medicinal usage and within a decade moves to full recreational use of marijuana. It is the very definition of “foolishness” to think, “that won’t happen here!”
Why am I so confident in saying this? Because Mood and other companies in the Marijuana Industrial Complex are saying it to me. They are intensely committed to making South Carolina a state where marijuana is readily available for recreational use...a goal that will be much easier for them to achieve if our state is already saturated with "medical" marijuana.
That’s why the “SC Compassionate Care Act” must be stopped! Contact your state House Representative today and tell them we don’t want to be invaded by the Marijuana Industrial Complex. Encourage them to stand against the onslaught of attacks on our home state.

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