Standing For Religious Freedom

UPDATED: The MED Act is heading to a conference committee this summer. There is some language that needs to be corrected. But we fully expect this bill to be passed out of conference committee and signed into law by Governor McMaster.
It's time for South Carolinians to stand up to the Biden Administration's assault on the practice of your religious freedom.

The Biden Administration recently announced plans to rescind a Trump-era federal regulation that protects medical professionals from ethical and moral discrimination.

This administration's actions will force doctors, nurses, and counselors to perform medical procedures that stand in direct opposition to their moral, religious, and ethical convictions.

The MED Act, H.4776 is supported by over 350 doctors across South Carolina. Enacting the Medical Ethics and Diversity Act will protect religious freedom in medical and counseling professions.

With only three days left in the legislative session, YOUR Senator needs to know that YOU stand for religious freedom... and so should THEY. 
  1. Call or email your Senator
  2. Say you support the MED Act, H.4776
  3. Ask them to pass the bill without amendments- including medical marijuana
  4. Ask your Senator not to attach medical marijuana to any other bills