S.C. General Assembly Set to Save Women's Sports

On Tuesday evening, the Save Women’s Sports bill (H.4608) passed in a bipartisan vote of 82-28!

The House of Representatives debated into the night, standing for truth and defending women's sports. They did so because you made sure your representatives knew where you stood on this issue.

With the passage of the bill before the cross-over deadline, the Save Women's Sports Act will now head to the Senate and is expected to be debated very soon.


With the bill now heading to the Senate, it's time to contact your senator and let them know that they need to follow the House's lead, stand up for women in South Carolina and pass the Save Women's Sports Act.
On Thursday, William Thomas (who goes by the female name Lia) won the 500-yard freestyle at the NCAA Women's Swimming Championship, leaving many supporters of women's sports echoing a new rallying cry: 'Second is the new first'.
Thomas took first place in the championship round with former Olympian Emma Weyant in second, Erica Sullivan in third, and Brooke Forde in fourth. The three biological females posed together in opposition to Thomas in post-award ceremony photos.

As the transgender movement continues to move into the sports arena, the S.C. legislators have taken up bipartisan bills in both chambers  that would protect women's sports in the Palmetto State.

H.4608 had its first hearing in a House Education Subcommittee on Thursday, March10th. The meeting, chaired by York County Rep. Raye Felder (R-York), had an overflow crowd vastly supportive of the legislation. Yet, of the dozen who testified at the initial hearing, lawmakers heard 10 to 2 in opposition to the bill. A second hearing will be scheduled at the call of Chairwoman Felder.

Meanwhile in the Senate, an  Education Subcommittee chaired by Sen. Richard Cash (R-Anderson) heard testimony on Tuesday, March 15th, on its own version of the bill, S.531.  After a half-hour of testimony on both side of the issue, Senators voted to adopt the language of H.4608, adding collegiate protections, and further asking staff to prepare an amendment that would extend the reach of Saving Women's Sports legislation to both public and private schools.

S.531 will be heard in full Senate Education Committee on Wednesday, March 23rd at 10:00am., lead by Education Committee Chairman Sen. Greg Hembree (R-Horry).

If you would like to see who is sitting on the Senate Education Committee, click below.

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Highlights of the Saving Women's Sports Press Conference
March 10, 2022

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